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Tusker House Review

Tusker House Review: Is It Worth The Price?

Earlier this week the lady friend and I dined at Animal Kingdom’s Tusker House buffet for dinner. The Tusker House is located in the Africa region of Animal Kingdom and is surprisingly large once you get inside the building. The other-half has dined there before, but this was my first time. I have heard friends and random guests name Tusker House the best buffet on Disney property and was unbelievably excited to finally experience this taste of Africa first hand. While I walked away feeling completely stuffed, I was a little disappointed.

First off, my main disappointment came from the price. Dinner at the Tusker House costs $35 per person. For that price I am expecting a lot and unfortunately the restaurant didn’t pack the punch for that price tag. I’m well aware that any Disney restaurant is overpriced and this experience just added more confirmation to that belief. It’s not that the food wasn’t good, but there wasn’t a whole lot of variety and I found myself eating the same things over and over, simply wanting to get my monies worth.

Would I consider dining at the Tusker House with kids? Never! Remember this is supposed to be based in Africa and the menu reflects that. Hummus, salmon, and tabbouleh are all staples on the buffet line and there isn’t much for kids besides mac and cheese and PB&Js. Why bother paying top dollar for unlimited peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when you can carry a few Smucker’s Uncrustables in your purse. Now I should add that for breakfast and lunch the characters are out for meet and greets with guests so that may be worth the price if you’re desperate to dine with the characters. Just remember you can always save the cash and dine elsewhere and still see the characters at the numerous meet and greets located throughout the parks.

As far as ambience is concerned this is a very well designed restaurant with the buffet set up to look like a central market. Upon walking into the restaurant I was initially unaware that I was standing next to the buffet and thought the area was a real market for Disney merchandise. All Disney restaurants set out to transport you to that far away destination, but very few accomplish this as well as the Tusker House.

Overall would I recommend the restaurant to others? It’s hard to say, on one hand I don’t think it’s worth the price, but for a certain guest who is seeking something different and willing to take the splurge, I’d say go for it. I certainly wouldn’t make a special trip to Animal Kingdom just to dine there, but if you’re already in the park you may find it worth it.

If you’ve dined at the Tusker House let us know your opinion below in the comments.

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