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best sea world shows

Best SeaWorld Shows

SeaWorld Orlando has a total of five live shows as displayed below:

One Ocean at Shamu Stadium – This is the trademark Shamu show that you automatically think of when you think SeaWorld. Unfortunately the show has been scaled back quite a bit since the accident that occurred in 2010, which killed a female whale-trainer.

Blue Horizons – This is a very fun dolphin show that takes place at the Whale and Dolphin Stadium.

Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island – This is probably my favorite show alongside Pets Ahoy. Clyde and Seamore are a comedic sea lion duo, which will definitely have your whole family laughing. The production is located in the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium.

The Nautilus Theatre – This is one of the more overlooked shows, but If you’re a fan of Cirque du Soleil, you’re going to love this production. The shows rotate regularly, but always feature top-notch acrobatics. The show features a lot of action and some guests find it necessary to catch a second show just to take it all in.

Pets Ahoy! – Another one of my must-sees every time I visit the park. This is an indoor show so it’s best to take a mid-afternoon break to cool off and watch the show. Pets Ahoy features talented pets, which are all rescued from local pounds. It’s amazing to think that most of these dogs and cats would have been put down, but are now performing daily in this fun production.

With very little planning you’ll be able to catch all five shows in one day, but if you’re pressed for time I’d recommend One Ocean, Clyde and Seamore and Pets Ahoy. Remember to save Pets Ahoy for the middle of the day when you can escape the Florida heat.

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best sea world shows

Is SeaWorld Good For Toddlers?

Traveling to Orlando with a toddler can be a bit overwhelming, not only for you, but your little one as well. The theme parks are all day events and trying to make the most of your time can really take a toll on your littlest family member. Fortunately SeaWorld is one of the better (if not best) park to take your toddler to.

Why is that? Well, SeaWorld tends to be a much more relaxed environment. It features more shows and animal encounters and isn’t about all the rides like some of the other parks. Shows and encounters are activities that a toddler can enjoy and take part in. I bring my three-year-old niece to the parks regularly and SeaWorld is always the easiest of the bunch because we can go from show to show and along the way we can feed the various animals found throughout the park.

Here are some of my niece’s favorites at SeaWorld.

• Pet’s Ahoy – A comedic show where rescued animals are the stars. It’s worth mentioning that it’s indoors and air conditioned so this is a great show to catch in the middle of the afternoon at the height of the heat.

• Underwater Viewing Areas – Located at both the dolphin and whale tanks are underwater viewing areas where you can see the massive animals playing in the tanks. Bring a bright colored toy and hold it against the glass. The animals will actually interact with the toy and follow you as you move it across the glass.

• Turtle Trek – A 360 degree theater (again it’s air conditioned) that takes you on the journey of a newborn sea turtle as it hatches and makes it’s way back to sea. There’s also viewing areas to see the real sea turtles up close.

• Penguin Encounter – This has just undergone a major renovation and is now one of the best attractions at SeaWorld. It’s a chilly experience, but the kids love it and who doesn’t love penguins.

• The playground – SeaWorld has one of the best playgrounds known to mankind. Your little one is going to be in heaven! The area also features a huge pirate ship and smaller kiddie rides that are actually pretty fun. I’m honestly not sure who has more fun between the kids and I when it comes to the playground.

For the most part you’re going to be hard pressed to find attractions that aren’t a good fit for the little ones, but here are a few that might be a little too much.

• Obviously they won’t be riding of the roller coasters or water rides. Luckily there are only three within the park so if you have older children you can probably split up and send them to the thrill rides while you wait in the playground for them.

• The wild artic ride has two sides so this really shouldn’t be considered off the list, but just make sure you do the walking version. There is really no walking involved but you won’t be subjected to the simulator and you can always skip the video all together and go straight to the polar bears.

• Terrors of the Deep – This one can be hit or miss. The music in there is a little eerie and dark but it really isn’t that bad. It’s just multiple underwater viewing areas and my niece isn’t fazed by it at all, but her seven-year-old brother is terrified of the sharks.

Like I said, SeaWorld is a much more relaxed and laid-back environment. It’s a nice change of pace from the craziness of Disney and Universal, but still has plenty to offer. I’d recommend this park above the rest for your toddler.

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