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When is Disney World Least Crowded?

By avoiding the peak seasons at Disney not only will you save money, but you’ll also have a much more enjoyable time. Florida isn’t the place to be during the summer. Everyday is a high in the 90’s and the humidity makes stepping outside like walking into a steam room. Unfortunately, this is also the most common time for people to visit Disney World. If standing in 90-degree weather for 75 minutes waiting for It’s A Small World sounds enjoyable than go right ahead and avoid this article. Otherwise, listen to these important words… avoid Disney World whenever children are in school. I know it’s inconvenient to pull your kids out of class for a Disney vacation, but trust me, this will make a world of a difference! Below are some great times to visit:

September (After labor day) – November (before thanksgiving) – Children have all gone back to school by this point and the parks have seen a huge slow down. Expect the weather to still be warm throughout September and October.

After Thanksgiving – before Christmas – This is a wonderful time to go, because the parks will be decorated for the holidays, but the crowds won’t be there to match!

Mid-January – In my opinion this is the absolute best time to visit. Once all the kiddos are finished with their Christmas holiday the parks DIE. Go during this time and I guarantee you won’t see a wait time longer than 15 mins.

February can be hit or miss. The other half and I love to spend Valentine’s Day in the parks and usually the crowds are non-existent. However, this can also be consider “tour group season” where lots of rowdy foreign tour groups make their way into the parks.

May – This is hit or miss like February, you need to go once spring breakers have gone and early in May before the southern schools let out for summer. Temperatures are just starting to heat up at this point, but generally it’s still comfortable outside.

Imagine how many attractions you’ll be able to ride when you’re only waiting 15 minutes at the most! Plan accordingly for your next Disney vacation and you’ll thank us in the end 😉

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