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Best Magic Kingdom Rides

Obviously everyone’s going to have different opinions on the best rides at the Magic Kingdom, but I decided to publish a list of my five favorite attractions.

Space Mountain

Ride Time: 2 minutes 35 seconds
Height Restriction: 44 inches

Space Mountain is one of the most famous Disney attractions. This indoor roller coaster sends six-passenger rockets into the dark cosmos. The roller coaster doesn’t feature any dramatic drops or loops, but whizzing through total darkness adds an element of surprise that you won’t find in other roller coasters. An interesting tidbit about Space Mountain’s queue line is that the line actually descends underground. As guests descend into the star room they are standing directly under the train tracks from the Walt Disney World Railroad.

Haunted Mansion

Ride Time: 7 minutes 30 seconds
Height Restriction: N/A

The Haunted Mansion was one of the opening day attractions at the Magic Kingdom back in 1971 and is still one of the most popular rides. The attraction is crawling with hidden Disney secrets, which makes it a favorite for most Disney history buffs.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Ride Time: 4 minutes 30 seconds
Height Requirements: N/A

I’m a bit competitive so that may explain why Space Ranger Spin made it to this list. In this ride, rangers battle each other to shoot targets throughout the ride to accumulate points. The points are displayed on a screen in your passenger trolley and at the end of the ride you are given a rank based upon your scores. Rank titles range from a level one Star Cadet to a level seven Galactic Hero.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Ride Time: 3 minutes 25 seconds
Height Restrictions: 40 inches

This is great ride for both the big kids in your family and the younger ones who may be afraid of big roller coasters. The theme of this ride is that an old western town experienced a gold rush, but was later destroyed by a flash flood. All that remains from the town are the mining trains, which now race around the mountain on their own. Speeds reach around 30 miles per hour and the ride features a few good drops that’ll make your stomach drop.

Carousel of Progress

Ride Time: 20 minutes 45 seconds
Height Restriction: N/A

If you cannot tell already from the name of this blog, the Carousel of Progress is my favorite attraction in all of Walt Disney World. I know that’s one heck of a title to claim for a ride that some find extremely boring, but to me this ride is the definition of Disney. The Carousel of Progress is the longest running stage show in American history and was also Walt Disney’s favorite attraction which makes this a must ride for anyone. The show takes guests on a journey through the 20th century, showing how technology has changed the life of the average American family. In-between scenes good ‘ole Father John sings the ride’s theme song “A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”. This is also the perfect ride for when you’re in need of a break and want to relax in the air conditioning.

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Free WIFI throughout the Magic Kingdom

To accommodate the tech-savvy guests, Walt Disney World is rolling out free wireless internet connections throughout the parks. The Magic Kingdom is the first to get free wifi, but over the next several months free wifi access points will be installed throughout all of the parks and Downtown Disney. When trying to access the free wireless internet simply look for the network titled: Disney-Guest.

-Cousin Orville

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