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Legoland Entrance

Is Legoland Florida Fun For Adults?

Honestly, if you’re visiting Orlando without children I wouldn’t recommend taking a hike over to Winter Haven to visit Legoland. It’s not that it’s a bad theme park; it’s just that it’s made for a younger audience. The park does feature an old wooden roller coaster left over from its previous occupant, Cypress Gardens, but that’s about it for “big kid” rides.

Now if you do insist on going I recommend you check out the surrounding town of Winter Haven, Florida. Winter Haven has a very cute downtown square with tons of local restaurants and cafés that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. At one time the city was home to the Boston Red Sox and the Philadelphia Phillies for spring training, but unfortunately the city has not seen a major-league baseball team train in the area since 2008. Just south of Winter Haven in Lake Wales Florida is the Kegel Training Center, which is one of the most state-of-the-art training facilities for professional bowlers.

Also located not too far from Winter Haven is Florida’s last remaining drive-in movie theater. The Silver Moon Drive-In is a must see if your in the area and they actually play first-run movies. Tickets are only $4 per person, which is a much better deal when compare to $10 per person at Downtown Disney’s AMC theater.

For more information on the city of Winter Haven visit the city’s official site.

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