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how to work for disney

How To Work For Disney World

how to work for disney world

Do you ever wish you could turn your Disney vacation into a “staycation” and work for the mouse? Disney World employs over 70,000 people so it’s easy to say that many people are living that dream. If you are interested in getting a job working at the resort check out the Disney Careers website and see what roles they are currently hiring for. What is great about Disney is that there are so many different positions that whatever your background is in you will most likely be able to find something close to it in at the resort. With that said, you should keep in mind that Disney is big on promoting from within and having everyone start at the bottom. Don’t think you are going to walk in and take over as the head of the Magic Kingdom. Even Phil Holmes the VP of the Magic Kingdom started off working in the parks in a front-line position and worked his way up to his current role.

If you live in Orlando or plan on visiting the parks soon, you can always apply in-person at the Disney casting center, which is located across the street from Downtown Disney. Depending on the schedule for the day you may be asked to interview right on the spot so come prepared!

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