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Rapunzel’s New Hairdo

Rapunzel is best known for her long following blonde locks, which is why it was a no-brainer for Disney to carry the look over to the costumed character in the parks. Rapunzel’s wig weighs several pounds and is velcroed to the performers body. Unfortunately the added weight, which is mainly supported by the performers neck, has led to large number of neck and back related injuries to the character performers who portray Rapunzel.

Due to the injuries related to the wig several of the regular full time performers have been placed on modified duty, which means that they are assigned a new temporary role until they are able to return to their regular position. In response Disney has been testing and will be rolling out a new wig for Rapunzel in the next few weeks. The wig is said to be similar to the one worn by Disney on Ice performers, and will be shorter, and much thinner than the current wig, which will result in it being significantly lighter in weight. Overall, the new look shouldn’t be extremely noticeable.

UPDATE: Here’s the first look at Rapunzel’s new hair.

Rapunzel's new wig

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