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The Ultimate Guide to the Disney College Program Disney College Program Drug Testing
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The Ultimate Guide to the Disney College Program

The Disney College Program is the opportunity of a lifetime and I want you to walk away at the end of your program with zero regrets about the experience. To help make the most out of your time in Orlando I’ve put together a detailed guide to assist you in picking out your roles, preparing […]

Disney College Program Drug Testing

Disney College Program Drug Testing

Are you excited for your upcoming Disney College Program experience but a little apprehensive that your weekend habit may be coming back to bite you? Is there a possibility that you might go through the long application process and move down to Disney to find out you cannot work for the company after failing a […]

Sneak Peek At Avatarland

12 October 2013

The Disney Parks blog just posted some first look photos at the new Avatar-themed addition to Animal Kingdom. To be honest I’ve never been fond of the idea for “Avatarland”. To me the movie was visually awesome, but it wasn’t a movie I’d watch again. There wasn’t that epic feel to it and I haven’t […]

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best sea world shows

Is SeaWorld Good For Toddlers?

11 October 2013

Traveling to Orlando with a toddler can be a bit overwhelming, not only for you, but your little one as well. The theme parks are all day events and trying to make the most of your time can really take a toll on your littlest family member. Fortunately SeaWorld is one of the better (if […]

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Best Disney World Resort For Teenagers

05 September 2013

Picking a hotel once your little ones aren’t so little anymore can really make or break the trip. Teenagers want their independence so it is probably best to stick with a resort that offers them the ability to do their own things. My personal recommendation would be either the Polynesian or the Yacht & Beach […]

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Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach vs Typhoon Lagoon: Which is better?

19 July 2013

Very seldom do people have time during their vacation to visit both Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. So before you pick one or the other, lets compare the two. Theming: Blizzard Beach is set as a ski resort in the middle of Florida. The back-story is that a freak snowstorm occurred which led to the […]

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sophia the first meet and greet

Sophia The First Meet and Greet

19 July 2013

Rumors were flying that Sophia The First would be appearing in the parks for meet and greets starting today. Unfortunately we are hearing there has been a slight delay. Disney is still moving forward with introducing Sophia into the parks, but her arrival will most likely happen sometime in August. If you’ve been to the […]

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When is Disney World Least Crowded?

26 June 2013

By avoiding the peak seasons at Disney not only will you save money, but you’ll also have a much more enjoyable time. Florida isn’t the place to be during the summer. Everyday is a high in the 90’s and the humidity makes stepping outside like walking into a steam room. Unfortunately, this is also the […]

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UndercoverTourist Review: Is It A Scam?

13 June 2013

For the savvy vacation planner buying tickets ahead of time can actually save you a lot of money that can go towards another night in the hotel or maybe a fun dinner at one of Disney’s famous restaurants. Unfortunately not all of these re-sellers are reputable. Undercover Tourist is a very well respected name in […]

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A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas’ Testing Now

27 April 2013

Earlier this week Disney began testing the newest interactive addition to the Magic Kingdom with select families. There has been no official announcement yet as to when the attraction will fully open, but we do know the testing is currently happening. If interested head over to Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom and there’s a good […]

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Under The Sea Journey Of The Little Mermaid Full Ride Video (POV)

14 April 2013

Here is a complete point of view video of the new Little Mermaid ride in the Magic Kingdom. Check it out and be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel!

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Planet Hollywood Closing

Planet Hollywood Closing – Opening a Hotel at I-Drive Live

15 March 2013

Lots of rumors have been flying around about the future of Downtown Disney staple “Planet Hollywood”. The new mock up images that have surfaced of “Disney Springs” looks to redo the famous planet structure and replace it with something else, but no statements from either side have been released to inform us whether or not […]

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