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The Ultimate Guide to the Disney College Program Disney College Program Drug Testing
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The Ultimate Guide to the Disney College Program

The Disney College Program is the opportunity of a lifetime and I want you to walk away at the end of your program with zero regrets about the experience. To help make the most out of your time in Orlando I’ve put together a detailed guide to assist you in picking out your roles, preparing […]

Disney College Program Drug Testing

Disney College Program Drug Testing

Are you excited for your upcoming Disney College Program experience but a little apprehensive that your weekend habit may be coming back to bite you? Is there a possibility that you might go through the long application process and move down to Disney to find out you cannot work for the company after failing a […]

save money at disney world

Six Ways to Save Money at Disney World

17 March 2014

Check out our list of six tips on how you can save money on your next Disney World trip. 1. Book a Private Rental One of the easiest ways to save money is to book a private rental house or condo. You can find some awesome deals on places near Disney at rates much lower […]

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Anna and Elsa Moving to Princess Fairytale Hall

14 March 2014

We’ve received word from a reliable source within Disney’s entertainment department that Frozen’s Anna and Elsa will be moving to the Princess Fairytale Hall starting April 20th. Snow White will be moving to an outside meet and greet and the girls will be paired up with Princess Aurora for the meet and greet. As of […]

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Blizzard Beach

Best Waterpark in Orlando

15 January 2014

Orlando is home to four major waterparks, all of which are wonderful, but some have clear advantages over the other. Take a look at the break down below of each park to figure out which would be best for your family to visit. Be sure to take into account the age range in your group […]

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Best Parade Viewing Areas In The Magic Kingdom

07 January 2014

Not to be mean, but I can’t help but to laugh every time I see people fighting for spots on Mainstreet just to see the Electrical parade. I’ve literally seen people spit on each other and practically come to blows at the happiest place on earth just because of a disagreement over whose spot belongs […]

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best magic kingdom rides

Best Magic Kingdom Rides

06 January 2014

Obviously everyone’s going to have different opinions on the best rides at the Magic Kingdom, but I decided to publish a list of my five favorite attractions. Space Mountain Ride Time: 2 minutes 35 seconds Height Restriction: 44 inches Space Mountain is one of the most famous Disney attractions. This indoor roller coaster sends six-passenger […]

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parc corniche resort

Parc Corniche Resort Review

03 January 2014

The Parc Corniche Resort is located on South International Drive right near SeaWorld. Over the past year the resort has undergone a major renovation and is continuing to update the units and the resort amenities. One of the biggest benefits to this resort is that the units are all individually owned and can be found […]

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best sea world shows

Best SeaWorld Shows

01 January 2014

SeaWorld Orlando has a total of five live shows as displayed below: One Ocean at Shamu Stadium – This is the trademark Shamu show that you automatically think of when you think SeaWorld. Unfortunately the show has been scaled back quite a bit since the accident that occurred in 2010, which killed a female whale-trainer. […]

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2013 Disney Christmas Parade Performers Revealed

02 December 2013

We’ve received word on who will be filming this weekend at Walt Disney World’s parade taping. We’re not particularly thrilled with the line-up, but cast members can rejoice because Mario Lopez is nowhere to be found on the list… Neil Patrick Harris will host alongside Maria Menounos and will apparently perform as well. Neil and […]

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Tusker House Review

Tusker House Review: Is It Worth The Price?

29 October 2013

Earlier this week the lady friend and I dined at Animal Kingdom’s Tusker House buffet for dinner. The Tusker House is located in the Africa region of Animal Kingdom and is surprisingly large once you get inside the building. The other-half has dined there before, but this was my first time. I have heard friends […]

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Legoland Entrance

Is Legoland Florida Fun For Adults?

16 October 2013

Honestly, if you’re visiting Orlando without children I wouldn’t recommend taking a hike over to Winter Haven to visit Legoland. It’s not that it’s a bad theme park; it’s just that it’s made for a younger audience. The park does feature an old wooden roller coaster left over from its previous occupant, Cypress Gardens, but […]

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