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How to get a Disney World Internship?

Disney Professional Internship

Once you’re nearing the end of your Disney College Program you may find yourself wondering “what’s next? I don’t what this Disney magic to end? I want to work here forever!!!”. Don’t worry because you’re not alone a large number of people move down to Orlando and fall in love with the area and everything Disney. If you’re one of these people the next logical step would be to apply for a Disney Professional Internship. Roles offered through the internship program tend to be the launching pad to most Disney executives. While in the program you’ll get the opportunity to prove yourself worthy to the company and work in a more “grown up” position. Internships are offered in all areas imaginable ranging from corporate event planning, to operations management, even the Imagineering department offers internship positions. With all that said, the Disney Professional Internships are extremely competitive so here are a few tips to make you stand out from the rest.

1. Get some sort of Disney experience on your resume! This is an absolute MUST! Whether it be the college program or just working part time or seasonal in the park you need to show that you have experience working under the Disney umbrella. It’s even better if you can add some sort of Disney leadership to your resume, for example serving as a trainer for your attraction or store.

2. Network with your managers at Disney. If working at Disney is your long-term career goal than remember to make friends with those around you especially the managers. These are people who you will know for the rest of your career and you never known when they make come across an opportunity to recommend you for a promotion or the internship program.

3. Major in something relevant to what you’d like to do on the internship program. While Disney doesn’t turn people away strictly based on their college major, the person with a BFA in photography is going to face an uphill battle compared to a business major when competing for a financial analyst internship.

Remember that the Disney Professional Internship program is a truly wonderful way to get your foot in the door at the Walt Disney Company. Numerous executives within the company got their start through the internship program many years ago and respect those who have also paid their dues and climbed the ladder.

For more information on Disney Professional Internships visit the official site.

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