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How Big Is Disney World?

How Big Is Disney World?

Earlier this week while I was on the monorail from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom I began think about how large the resort really is. The monorail took us through acres and acres of undeveloped land, which I imagine in time, will one-day house the future additions to Disney World. When you think about it Disney isn’t just some park with a hotel next door. It’s pretty much it’s own city with all of the services and functionality of any town in the United States. Here’s some food for thought for those of you wondering how big Disney truly is.

The Walt Disney World Resort is a total of 30,080 acres of land.
That’s 47 square miles!
It houses four theme parks, thirty-two hotels, five golf courses, and a campground.
It owns two incorporated cities: Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista both of which have residents.
Employs over 65,000 people.
Averages 117,000 visitors each and everyday!

Crazy isn’t it? Think about the legacy the Walt left on the world! Disney World is truly something extraordinary and it’s important to keep in mind it’s vast size if you’ve never been to the resort before. I can’t tell you how many people expect to arrive in Orlando and be able to walk from place to place. If you’re going to be visiting Orlando it’s probably best to rent a vehicle. Keep in mind this is just Disney we are talking about here….not to mention Universal Orlando and Seaworld, both of which aren’t a hop, skip and a jump from Disney.

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