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Disney College Program Tips! Tip #1 Bring A Vehicle!

Disney College Program Tips

We’ve decided to roll out a new section dedicated to updating current and future CPs with tips and information in order to make their program a success. Overall I have only met a small handful of people who did not enjoy their time in Orlando, but I think just about everyone can name one thing they wish they knew going into the program.

Today’s lesson is that if possible bring a vehicle! Orlando is horrible as far as public transportation is concerned and I believe you will quickly realize how spread out everything is. If you do not bring a car with you then you must rely on the Disney buses which only take you throughout the Disney property, to a grocery store, and to Walmart. If you want to go any where else you are stuck walking or trying to hitch a ride from someone with a car.

In order to get to work you’ll have to plan ahead to get to the bus stop super early as the bus makes numerous stops, which adds to the overall travel time. Also Orlando and Central Florida in general have so many sites to see which you’ll need a vehicle for. Remember you’re only one hour away from the beach!

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