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Cast Member Interview: Victoria – Quick Service Food & Beverage

quick service food and beverage interview

A special thanks to Victoria for volunteering to interview for the site about her experience in the Disney College Program. Check out what she had to say about her time living in Orlando and working in Quick Service Food and Beverage.

What was your role and in what location did you work?

My role was Quick Service Food and Beverage and my location was Hollywood studios. I worked at the Quick service stands all over the park, including Fantasmic!

What did you like most about your role?

I loved my coworkers the most. They made my job worth coming to everyday. The guests as well. I will never forget my first magical moment with a guest. It was this couple who was celebrating that the husband was clear of cancer for 2 years, so they came to disney to celebrate. Personally, I have lost my own mother to a battle with cancer so it touched my heart to see that. Everything they ordered from my stand that day was on me. I loved making guests smile and adding a little something special to their day. My favorite part of the day was getting to see Fantasmic twice a day while I worked since it was my favorite show, and of course the food!

What were the negative aspects of the job?

The long hours. The hours really took a toll on me. Sometimes with me having to catch the bus i wouldn’t get home till 11:30pm or midnight and by the time i woke up I would have to go to work again.

How would you describe a typical day?

It depended on what shift i worked. If I worked in the morning I would get my register and count it and open up my stand, occasionally I would be bumped out to a different stand, take my break, go to my next stand and more than likely have to close it down at the end of the day and take it to the back, depending on if it was a cart or not. At the end I would count how much I had left at the end of the day of everything then restock it for the opening person the next day. At Fantasmic I would take all the items to the food stands and make sure everything was there for the crew. Towards the end of my program I ran the stands, making sure everything was there, making sure the crew had everything they needed and making sure it was tidy at the end of the day.

What advice would you give others who will be working in that the same role?

Be prepared to be in the sun a lot, always keep your water bottle on hand with you and they do provide you with one. Use sunscreen all the time and be prepared to lift a lot of boxes or heavy items.

Is there another role you wish you could’ve done instead?

Honestly, I know I would have strived well in character attendant or merchandise but I loved my time overall in QSFB.

What housing complex did you live in and did you like it?

I lived in chatham and I loved it. Chatham is considered the middle child of the housing complexes tbh.

Is there anything you wish you would’ve known ahead of time?

I wish I would have known how unreliable the buses could be. I wish I could have known about my roommates a little more ahead of time although we did speak plenty of times before we met. I wish I could have taken advantage of more opportunities but usually I couldn’t because I was working so keep in mind that although they have plenty of housing events, depending on your schedule, you could miss them because of work.

Overall what are your thoughts about the Disney College Program experience?

Overall I feel the Program is a great learning experience but I do feel a lot of people THINK they know what they are getting themselves into but they really don’t. You WILL be working and working hard. There will be days when you are homesick and want to pack up and leave. So people need to know that you are paying a lot of money and giving up a semester of school for this opportunity. Make sure you are in it for the entirety of it. It is a great experience that can open so many doors for you such as friendships, networking and gaining work and resume experience.

Victoria is open to answering any questions about QSFB and the DCP. You can find her online at:


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