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Best Parade Viewing Areas In The Magic Kingdom

Not to be mean, but I can’t help but to laugh every time I see people fighting for spots on Mainstreet just to see the Electrical parade. I’ve literally seen people spit on each other and practically come to blows at the happiest place on earth just because of a disagreement over whose spot belongs to whom.

There’s a much better solution to sitting on Mainstreet for two hours waiting for the parade to start. Most people don’t realize that the parades continue on past Mainstreet and into both Liberty Square and Frontierland. The further away you get from Mainstreet the less crowds you’re going to see. In Frontierland you’ll find rocking chairs outside of some of the stores, which are a nice upgrade from sitting on the curb. You can usually expect to have much more interaction with the characters in the parade because there are so few people in those areas. How nice would it be to have your child front and center with all the parade characters instead of just another number in the crowd? Trust me, once you make your way over to Frontierland you too will be laughing at all the people who painstakingly wait on Mainstreet for hours.

Check out the map below of the Magic Kingdom. The dotted red line is the parade route.


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