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2013 Atlanta Braves Spring Training Schedule

Starting next week baseball fans can head to Disney’s Wide World of Sports to watch their favorite teams in spring training. Below are the dates for the games. Advanced tickets can be purchased via Ticketmaster

Feb. 22 Detroit Tigers 1:05 pm
Feb. 23 New York Yankees 1:05 pm
Feb. 25 Miami Marlins 1:05 pm
Feb. 26 Washington Nationals 1:05 pm
Mar. 1 Washington Nationals 6:05 pm
Mar. 3 Detroit Tigers 1:05 pm
Mar. 7 Detroit Tigers 6:05 pm
Mar. 8 Toronto Blue Jays 1:05 pm
Mar. 10 Miami Marlins 1:05 pm
Mar. 12 St Louis Cardinals 1:05 pm
Mar. 15 New York Mets 1:05 pm
Mar. 16 New York Yankees 5:05 pm
Mar. 18 Philadelphia Phillies 1:05 pm
Mar. 20 Pittsburgh Pirates 1:05 pm
Mar. 21 Washington Nationals 6:05 pm
Mar. 23 Houston Astros 1:05 pm
Mar. 25 New York Mets 1:05 pm
Mar. 28 Houston Astros 1:05 pm

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